Use it in the kitchen

sharpens kitchen knives

The sharpest knife is the safest knife, ask any housewife.

From sharpening her favorite paring knife, to her favorite butcher knife, life is so much easier with a sharp knife and the Hunter Honer knife sharpener in the kitchen.

As one housewife owned one for years said at a Home Show. "You saved the best for last, tell them, that the Hunter Honer knife sharpener even sharpens their serrated knives."

And not just some serrated knives, but all serrated knives! Steak knives, Bread knives and the duel bladed electric knives, easily without damaging them.

Husbands are so glad to not only remove an item from their Honey Do list, but how safe and easy the Hunter Honer knife sharpener is for his wife to use.

You may want more than one!

So, now you don't need one, but two Hunter Honers, one for the kitchen and one for the Shop or Garage. Justification enough to take advantage of our discount offer for two Hunter Honers. Remember the more you buy the cheaper they get.

The slicing chores in the kitchen are endless for cooks, chefs and housewife's, the Hunter Honer knife sharpener makes them go away in seconds.

Using the hole in the handle, the Hunter Honer knife sharpener can be easily mounted to any cutting board for easy hands free use and access.

How many times have you ever accidentally dropped a knife or spoon into the garbage disposal without knowing. Well if you do this with our Hunter Honer knife sharpener, simply put the pieces in an envelope and we will replace it with a new HH knife sharpener. You see we don't fix or repair, we replace it with a new Hunter Honer knife sharpener. Because your product is Guaranteed for Life we are thus, protecting your investment. Only an American made product can offer that type of Guarantee.

It's an Investment!

Speaking of investment, you spent hundreds of dollars on your kitchen cutlery. Why not protect it, with our patented flexible rod design, it's like having a professional chef on hand, steeling your knives to perfection, without destroying them and peeling metal.

Contrary to popular believe, Knives should last you a lifetime! You shouldn't be out there buying knives all the time and with the Hunter Honer knife sharpener your knives will last you a lifetime, flexing and honing the edges to perfection, protecting your knives from wear and tear.

You spend good money for your knives, the only way you can wear them out is how you sharpen them! With our patented flexible rod design, the rods flex and hug the blade to a perfectly honed edge, just like the professional Chefs and Butchers do.

Note: It is best to wash your knives immediately and individually after use, do not put them into a dish washer, try and change your habit. It is safer and the knives will stay sharp longer. Secondly, we recommend that you use a wood cutting board for chopping and cutting. Plastic cutting boards are good, but wood is better. We have even found bamboo cutting boards give you the best of both worlds. Having three types of Cutting Boards in the kitchen is and excellent idea; Wood, Plastic and Bamboo.

The Hunter Honer comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!