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Shaorpens Serrated Blades

Sharpens Serrated Blades

Sharpens Scissors

Sharpens Scissors

Sharpens Axes

Sharpens Axes

Sharpens Arrow Heads

Sharpens Arrow Heads

Sharpens Scissors

Sharpens Fish Hooks

Sharpens all types of knives

Sharpens All Types of Knives

The only KNIFE SHARPENER you'll ever need!

Your Knives Deserve the Best, The LeBeau Honer™ Sharpens all Edges and Sharpens Without Destroying Your Knives.

Sharpens all types of knives

Whether you're working around the home, using a knife outdoors or in the Kitchen, the LeBeau Honer™ is your perfect friend. Convenient light weight and easy to carry. Simply pull it out and hone your knife to a razor sharp edge in seconds

The LeBeau Honer™ sharpens every type of knife made, including, serrated edges, scissors — just about any type of blade - all without destroying the metal!

No guesswork involved, the rods are set at a perfect 21° — you'll get it right first time, and every time.

Our competition. You know those cheap sharpeners that destroy your knives by peeling metal off the edge — then after a few uses, you can see your blade starting to disappear right before your very eyes! Well, The LeBeau Honer™, with its super hard Nitride Rods, hones your blade to a razor sharp edge in seconds without destroying your knife. Our Patented Flex Design gently hones without peeling metal off you knife. Thus, protecting your investment.

After 4 to 5 years of use, simply pull the Nitride Rods out, turn the rods one eighth of a turn and you have new points of contact.

LeBeau's Honer™ is guaranteed for life, if you destroy it, we'll replace itFREE!

It's guaranteed for life, if you destroy it, we'll replace it — FREE!

Remember the better the knife steel, the better the edge.

Take advantage of this special offer below and you will never regret it – that's our guarantee!

Order Today for this Limited Time 2 for 1 Offer!

The LeBeau Honer™ retails for $39.95 in stores and well worth the price. Buy today and we'll give you 2 for the price of onethat's wholesale! Keep one with your hunting or fishing gear and the other in your house or kitchen. Plus we're going to give you a FREE instructional DVD a $10 value. Order today and we'll even throw in FREE Shipping (anywhere in the world). That's a 70% savings for a limited time only. So Act Now.

Order 2 LeBeau Honers™ for only $39.95

1st Honer Handle Color
2nd Honer Handle Color

Sharpens: Kitchen Knives, Hunting Knives, Fishing Knives & More!

Sharpens all knives in seconds, protecting your investment.

Serving Professionals for over 25 Years.
Used by: Restaurants, Chefs, Military Personnel, Professional Outfitters of Fishing, Hunting, Camping and Backpacking the World over.

Your Knives should last you a Lifetime. With our Patented Flex Design, we will keep them fresh and sharp for weeks and months, just Like a Chef's Steel, but, without the expertise.